The Nerdiest Question: Star Wars or Star Trek

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The Nerdiest Question: Star Wars or Star Trek

This forum is dedicated to determining, through a scientific analysis, whether entities from the Star Wars or Star Trek universe would win in a fight.

    Imperial Fleet Upkeep compared to Tax GDP

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    Imperial Fleet Upkeep compared to Tax GDP

    Post by Brantar47 on Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:10 pm

    So, I've been thinking about how the heck the Empire has, supposedly, 25,000 Star Destroyers. Wookiepedia's canon page seems to think it does. Well, let's do some speculation here and see what this is all about.

    Let's assume there to be no difference between an ISD-1 and an ISD-2 in crew size. Wookiepedia states that there are 9,235 Officers, 27,850 enlisted personnel, and 9,700 Stormtroopers on an ISD-1.

    Salaries for the 9,235 Officers, assuming the Empire pays them like the US pays soldiers, at the average O-5 Navy pay-grade for 2 years of service, comes to $5,157 per month, or $61,884 per Officer per year. The same standards for Enlisted Personnel, at E-5 Navy pay-grade and 2 years of service, $2,202 per month, or $26,424 per year per Enlisted crewman. As for Stormtroopers, I assumed them to get the E-5 Army pay-grade average for two years of service, or the same as an Enlisted crewman.

    Officers: $571,498,740
    Enlisted Crewmen: $735,908,400
    Stormtroopers: $256,312,800

    Total: ~$1,563,720,000 per ISD, or ~$39,093,000,000,000 total

    More to be added.

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